use your feet

Use Your Own Feet To Develop Your Vision

A cruel experiment with cats. It takes a few days before newborn cats open their eyes. For this experiment they tied up 2 newborn cats, one on the back of the other. For each couple the one below was able to move and walk. The one on top would experience the same movements, but couldn’t use its own feet. The outcome of this experiment was that the little cat below, the one that could walk, developed it’s vision. On the contrary, the little cat on the back, stayed blind or barely developed it’s vision.

You can conclude from this experiment that developing vision is not something passive, it actually is an activity, conducted by the body.

Probably you often try to develop your vision and knowledge as the little cat on top. From a lazy chair or at your desk you read inspiring blogsbooks or watch documentaries and lectures. Or you hire a consultant to figure it all out for you. This might give you an instant satisfying feeling. Yes, that’s so true! Now I see things differently, now I know what to do! This makes you feel like you don’t have to move your budd to understand the world. Someone else can do the legs-work for you.

Developing a new vision for your business is something quite complex though. There are so many aspects to take into account. In such a case it’s important to do the legs-work yourself and develop your vision based on what you yourself feel, see, taste and hear.

So what legs-work can you do? Maybe you can visit a few of your clients, work along with your employees or spend some time in the newmarket you’d like to conquer.

The experiment is described in the book, U-Theory, Leading from the Future as it Emerges