a refreshing summer dive

What if starting up a project ( a website, a blog, a training) could feel light, empowering and creative?

Would the results be likewise?

Although I’m inspired by the “just do it” mentality and in the past got a lot of work done by setting a deadline, pushing away my fears and jump – I now believe another approach might be more effective and healthy.

I’m writing this in a break, at the beach, about to leave Barcelona where I lived for 6 months, up North, for a cool summer, in which I plan to get some creative work done: redecorating my website and blog.

And want to try out another approach this time.

I like to share a tiny-guide with you, so you can try it out yourself too – in case you also have a creative project that’s about to bubble up and wants to get done.

I write this on San Juan, the new years day of Catalunya, Spain, in which the start of the summer, new beginnings are celebrated with load music, fireworks and bonfires.

Here at San Juan the tradition is to jump through the bonfires at midnight to burn your sins away, ready for a new clean start, a guarantee for a happy good year.

Reality is that lots of people get badly burned in this ritual.

So I was more interested in joining the other tradition, the one that works with the cleansing power of natural water: to swim at midnight in the sea or a river, to drown your sins for a new start, with a clean slate.

I believe this illustrates perfectly the shift in how to start something new – instead of pushing away your fears and just jumping through the fire (or not jumping at all), I like to try the rejuvenating dive in cold water.

Still feeling the resistance, the hesitation and discomfort, but an experience that leaves you refreshed.

So…how to do this for creative work?

One of the things I learned is the importance of focus, taking small steps and working with a structure (knowing how to move forward).

Therefore I created a tiny guide for my creative project this summer (redecorating my website).  And I like to share it with you, so you can experience the approach for yourself.

Pick one of the projects you want to start this summer – no expectations, no “I have to’s” – something you for some reason want to start but hardly seem to find the time or courage to do so – like starting a blog, writing a white paper or setting up an (online) training.

Something that makes you curious – How would it look like? How could I realize it?

If you like to dive into the unknown with your project this summer, and make it a light, empowering and creative experience, then join me in this experiment by taking the first easy steps:

  • download the tiny-guide part 1 here – to do the first 15 min ‘writing your intention’ session
  • buy a nice notebook and pen
  • write down in your agenda when you want to do the 15 minute sessions (every morning, every Saturday?)
  • have an eye out for my next email.

To refreshing new beginnings ^_^