2015 Manifest

Plant Your Seed In Fertile Soil – Let things Grow More Naturally

Yesterday I was driving in my recently purchased, old rusty camper van (yes, really) together with my friend Margot Kat. I was sitting in the the driver’s seat with the steering wheel in my hands. Although I was a bit hyper and clumsy, I was acting like it was all normal to me, while in truth I was secretly thinking: “woohoo, I’m driving my own camper van!” I love it when something that once was just an idea, big or small, becomes a reality. This post is exactly about that.

Margot and I were on our way to the Work Paradise in the Polder, a vivid soulful place, just above Amsterdam, to meet with the owner Fleur Bakker and prepare an event we’ll be hosting for other entrepreneurial women like us.

There we were: fully involved in conversation in that camper van, flowers in our hair. Talking passionately about our life and business, and how we both have a solid feeling of walking the right path, doing what we’re meant to do while having the freedom to spend our days like we want them to be. And we suddenly realised that 3 years ago, right when we first met, the situation was quite different.

At that time I was working as a freelance consultant and Margot as a designer at an agency. Our first encounter was at an event, to figure out what our next step would be. And there in an old renovated bakkery, at the top floor, with only dusty wooden roof beams above our head, we got a glimpse of what could be possible for us. And although at the time it seemed miles away, we shared our dreams in that small group and really got it out there. And now, 3 years down the line, we looked at each other and realised we were actually living our dream.

How did that come about?

Yeah, well, you know, I just worked hard, 80 hours a week, had a well-thought out business plan and did all what the marketing experts told me to do… Hmmm no, actually not at all. That’s the crazy thing about entrepreneurship, there is no one formula for success. You can work your ass off, apply all you learn about setting up a business and still don’t achieve anything.

So let me confide you into what worked for usWho knows it could work for you too!

One important aspect is to take a moment and metaphorically -or literally so you will, to make a ritual out of it- plant a seed in fertile soil, so things can start to grow more naturally for you.

It can all start by taking a moment to step away from your daily tasks, to reflect and share ideas in a safe and inspiring setting together with like-minded people who are not per se friends, family or colleagues. People who can mirror you and help you discover what is possible and encourage you along the way, just selflessly, without any conflict of interest.

Looking back, it seems that at that event a seed was planted in fertile soil; a plant that just wanted to grow and flourish. The process might be chaotic and illogical, but it always seems to work out one way or the other, in whatever pace.

Margot and I stayed in touch. This has been hugely powerful to me. To have a small network of people who are not per family, friends or colleagues, but who believed in what I was heading to and were also walking their path.

Since those moments and connections are so powerful, and since I see it as my task to bring people back on their path, I decided to organise such a setting myself so you can experience the same. The event is this month, hosted for and by entrepreneurial women.

I invited Margot and Fleur to co-host it with me, since they are for me an example of women who are walking their path. We’ll guide you through a process of good conversations, new experiences and time for reflection. All with the purpose to bring to the surface what it is about for you, in a relaxed and fun way. No big turning points, but to come to small actions that reconnect you to your path.

Imagine 3 years from now. Who knows, you’ll also sit with one of us in a rusty camper van, we might look at each other and suddenly realise that you’re living what once felt like a far away vision. You maybe even unconsciously took the exact right steps that were needed to make it happen. Not by working hard or rationally planning it all out, but because you just knew what it was all about, what you were heading to and having the right people on your side.

If this resonates with you, don’t hesitate to join! We’d love to have you there. Please find the invitation here to sign up.

That said, if you feel like connecting first via phone, e-mail or Skype to discuss some of your questions or ideas to get some clarity, then drop me a note mail@elselienepema.com


ondernemersdag 23 januari