Okay, Then Where To Start A New Big Project – Tackle The Wild Unknown

Sometimes your idea or project is quite new or big. You might have the desired end result in mind. And you know you want to do it — you just don’t know how to get there. So you end up endlessly worrying and planning the details.

This is another appearance of the Dragon of Resistance.

When I decided that there had been enough dreaming and talking about the campervan, and that it was time to take action and buy one, I hit a cloud of uncertainty and questions. Where can I buy one? How do I know I won’t make a bad bargain? Where do we park it in winter? What if we don’t use it? …. And so on.

This is the cloud of practical objections that is only there to distract you and lead you away from your path.

This is how I often see entrepreneurs start. They might not yet be clear about what their product will be, and are already worrying about the right name, how to follow imaginary regulations, and who will build their website.

These things don’t matter yet. Those are all the things you’ll figure out along the way. You cross that bridge when you get there.

It’s much better to worry about, eh I mean, focus on what you need to do first.

That’s what I did with the search for a campervan. First, I had to learn to drive reasonably, and then search for campers on the web, ask current campervan owners about their experiences, and plan some test drives. Why worry about all of the steps that would come along after all of those?

Taking one step at a time taught me that you can’t plan every step along the way from the start. Things emerge on the go.

Indeed, after taking these first steps, I was on my way and when I saw my camper van I recognised it right away — no doubt, this was the right camper van, for the right price.

After I bought it, suddenly new possibilities popped up. My family revealed a previously unforeseen available parking place, friends invited us for a trip right away, and soon we had uncovered other beautiful places to go to, as well.

It’s the same for business ventures. I began writing by working with a writing coach and at some point started sharing my blog posts with a small group of people (at first that small group was just one person, my boyfriend). Then one day, unexpectedly, an entrepreneurial organisation let me know that they would love to use some of my posts to provide their members with useful content, and everything took off from there.

Sometimes we want to see the whole path before we want to start. But if we wait for that, we’ll never start. Even if you could plan it all out from the start, you would only end up limiting your view and missing opportunities along the way.

ahead and take your first steps with curiosity, being open to the possibilities that will show up along the way. The truth lies in the middle. Get things organised, get the right support, prepare yourself, and then go

Download the whole booklet on realising ideas in a more natural way here

Think of one of the things you want to get done.
Write it down.
Next, write down the first 3 tiniest turtle steps** you can do to get things moving and see from there what actions to take next.

**Turtle steps are steps (as described by Martha Beck) that feel like “Oooh, I can do this!” She finished her PhD while raising kids by breaking it up into tiny turtle steps of 15 min a day.