entrepreneurial women retreat sept 19 2014

Do you have a minute ~ this actually might help you to create time…

Maybe you recognize this: You like to change something in your life or start something new. Like a daily running practice, a professional blog or a new venture. But it all feels sappy or only little happens, because you just don’t seem to find the time.

My experience is that this is where it begins – the biggest first step is to consciously create time.

If you take this first step – things will start to get moving.

Creating time is not easy though; it seems like there is always something or someone else more important. And another week, month or year passes by.

Let me share an experience of myself with you. Maybe it helps you to understand how this shows up in your life.

Few years ago I wanted to start a blog, but time just passed by and nothing happened. Now I see I didn’t allow myself to take the time, thinking; Can I just sit at home and write? Shouldn’t I be at the office? Shouldn’t I do sales and first have more success? Will I be a good partner?

Only when I started to schedule sessions with a writing coach and agreed with the Hub Amsterdam to deliver a monthly blog, I gave writing priority.

Now writing is something I enjoy daily, it gives me a sense of fulfillment, made me discover a new creative part of myself – writing is at the core of my business activities today – I develop course materials, write copy for clients and stay connected with great people like you via my blog posts.

So what (unexpectedly) turned out to be more true? By consciously creating time for writing I do more valuable work for clients, and because I have more fun and am more myself…my partner only likes me more:-)

Maybe this makes you think of something that you like to change or start.

I’d like to offer you some small actions you can take today to create time (despite of everything)

  • Define what feels possible for you, in your life, right now – 15 minutes a day can already make the difference (yes really, listen for prove to the podcast on How creative people get it done)
  • Schedule a meeting with someone else to work on it, someone who’ll keep you accountable (a colleague, a coach or by joining an event)
  • Shift your attention to who you’re doing it for – who could benefit from it? and how can you commit to them? (this made me approach The Hub Amsterdam and commit to deliver a blog every month)

Let me know what comes up for you.

Thank you for creating the time to read this all to the end – hope it helps you to create more time for the things that matter most to you.


p.s. and now I have a new idea that’s knocking on my door for a while already (louder and louder), and notice that I (again) tend to not find, have or create the time for it. But now I’m going to do it differently – I used my own advices above and defined a creative project (some might call it quest or challenge) that helps me to create time – and already experiencing things are (literally) moving for me…you can read more about it here, maybe it fires you up to create your own or engage in mine and help me to keep my feet to the fire.

p.p.s. if you’re also intrigued by these creative projects/quest/challenges, I definitely recommend watching this Marie Forleo interview with Chris Guillebeau

p.p.p.s. The Entrepreneurial Women Retreat next week (sept 19th) can be a great opportunity to free up a day – to create some space to let ideas, contacts and collaborations emerge and set things in motion. Sign up before the 11th so we can count on you.

entrepreneurial women retreat sept 19