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Mapping initiatives

Hola guapas y guapos,

Wanted to share with you a Google Maps I just created with my friend Stef Denamps Gomez here to visually document all those positive projects we joined, visited or are planning to explore. Just to get them all out of our heads into an overview.

These are businesses, communities and co-working spaces that practically show new possibilities related to food, entrepreneurship and self-sustainable living.

For me they show such a positive development!

Finding these projects felt for me at times like rowing to Avalon – they would only show up when I drove in my camper through the fog with a strong believe in their existence. And I wish for these projects more visibility and for you to find them more easily if you like.

Here you can follow the development of the visual overview:…

After all this traveling, I’m now creating my home base in Barcelona. And although I start to work 1 on 1 with clients again via Skype (which I really enjoy!). I feel I’m now interested in finding a partner or team to work with, and offer group programs/experiences. I believe it works better for myself to collaborate ( much more fun!) and also it’s better for people to be surrounded by peers when learning or starting something new (e.g. in combination with 1 on 1 sessions on the side).

Anyways, I will take my time to explore projects, teams I could optionally join or people to collaborate with coming weeks/months (as long as it takes:)

Let me know if there are any ideas, connections or projects popping up for you that could help me in this exploration.

Sending you buzzing vibes from Barcelona ~~~

If you’re curious you can follow the map here

And feel free to tip me on interesting initiatives