Letting go of the need to understand

Some people are not getting what I’m doing now. And I understand!

I used to be very practical and rational.

But I was getting stuck and my clients got stuck.

These rational tools are great, and I still love to use them to give the right amount of structure and focus.

But now I’m also bringing in the more intuitive, playful ways of working and building a life.

And you know what?

It’s a messy process – sometimes I feel like things are going nowhere, all to find out that confidence, clarity and recourses are revealed on the go, in unexpected ways.

People around me do recognize the desire for working in this more playful, light and free way – but then they ask; how do you do that?

And I get talkative and vague – get red cheeks and a heavy head – and I see in their glazing eyes that I’m loosing them. Normally I would fix that by freezing, talking louder or faster – not working!

Now I realize that part of this intuitive way of working and living is: letting go of the need to be understood – not wanting to explain or convince anyone (including yourself).

What a relieve.

Okay, I might “loose” some people for a while. But I notice that there are always enough people who just like me for who I am, are interested in the same, or simply understand without having to explain -> these feel like the deeper connections, and that’s maybe all I need right now.

That said, if you recognize this and also like to bring in more intuitive and playful way of working: I’m happy to share my reflections on my experiences and also the more practical tools in this blog, so you can try it on too.

If you like to meet personally and experience this playful way of working yourself – meet me at the entrepreneurial women circle Saturday March 21st, at the border of Amsterdam