Just For Fun And Beauty

Why is there such a big gap between envisioning something, talking about it and …actually doing it? Like Marianne Williamson says

“It’s easier to keep on dreaming about Z, than going from A to B”

According to Steven Pressfield that’s because the so called Dragon of Resistancebreaks free only when you take action upon what you really want. This dragon can show up in all kind of forms and colors, like negative thinking, tiredness, restlessness and so on.

To beat this Dragon of Resistance you need a strong motivation. The right answer to Why do you want it? For the money, to prove you can do it, to serve your vision of how life/mankind ought to be?

Pressfield writes that you’re on the right track…when answering the “why do you want it” question with

just for fun and beauty

Other motivations might seem more important, but know that they won’t bring you far enough.

In my previous blog I wrote about the importance of regularly selecting one of your wishes that pop up, to explore it and put it into practice. In spite of this persistent resistance and objections. And I decided to conduct one of my ideas too.

It’s this…

Already more than a year I felt the urge to organise something to bring entrepreneurial women together. Actually not for any specific reason…just for the fun and beauty of it. And when I realized that this was reason enough. I decided to just organise it. And stop dreaming about Z but take the first small action, break through resistance and go from from A to B.

And here it is, the invitation for the event, all set up and designed, ready to go.

So what’s fun and beautiful about this event?

hmmm, actually quite a lot…like the soulful location, the pure food and connecting with inspiring women.

I invited 2 women to co-host the gathering who are inspiring for me. They created something very unique and doing things in their own way. Not only in business, but also in their way of living and expressing themselves. They seem to do it just for the fun and beauty of it (see!).

Their path might be not always smooth and easy, but they live and work with a certain determination. And of course, when reading this, they would wave it away. They too see how things should and could be even better. Don’t we all? You should actually just meet them. So what about spending a day together, have good conversations, share stories and experience each others way of working?

Imagine how empowering that would be for you.

Imagine how it would help you to find ways for experiencing even more energy, creativity and enjoyment in your own life and business.

It will be a small and intimate gathering, so if you want to be there -> reserve your spot right away.

And…sorry guys… I really like working with you too, we’ll meet another time. But for now, maybe you can take a second to think along with me; Do you know inspiring entrepreneurial women who are walking their own path? Women who would love to take a day off to step away from their daily tasks and explore ways to experience even more energy, creativity and enjoyment in their business and life?

Then send them this invitation so they can sign up in time and get the opportunity to join.

Will be great fun… beautiful