polder dag 26 juni 2014

The for fun & beauty Strategy

A few weeks ago I was guiding creative writing exercises during an entrepreneurial women retreat, and sat there enjoying a quiet moment. The only thing I heard was the quick scratching of pens on paper, the slight crackling of the fire and the wind against the windows. A day like this is just pure joy for me – and the participants tell me it’s a treat for them too.

How often do we as entrepreneurs live in martyrdom? – pushing ourselves a little bit more to achieve that one thing in the future. Okay, sometimes that can be the right thing to do: just do the work.

 But what if doing something for fun and beauty , is also the most effective strategy for your business?

These retreats are a perfect example of that – I started to organise them just because I felt like doing it, and they turned out to be powerful – for the participants and myself.

For example after the last day I received an email of one of the participants that said it all…

“wow, this morning I had a meeting with a client and I noticed myself already showing up differently; I took the lead in the conversation, shared my vision and felt much more confident, this is magic!”

This is exactly what makes my heart jump – and helps me to get more clear on what I’m best at too; facilitating the fuzzy start phases by organising events and programs that make people take action upon their desires and plans, so they (and others around them) enjoy the effects – not because they push themselves or because their to-do-list says so – but because something shifted during an event or series of coaching sessions, and they just notice themselves doing it.

With this focus in mind I’m creating behind the scenes, now the days are still cold, to come up with renewed events and programs when the first flowers open this Spring

Want to see what this fun & beauty strategy can do for you?

Take 15 minutes now to try it out:

  • What would you like to do just for fun and beauty?

  • What baby step can you take today?

  • Push the reply button to share it with me so I can keep you accountable (and to make my day: hearing these stories make me stand up and dance along with we could be heroes:)


Warmly, Elselien


P.S. would you like to read more about results of a fun & beauty strategy? read this booklet about the process of buying a campervan – that taught me a lot about breaking through fears and realizing ideas in a more natural way.