About Elselien

Hi I’m Elselien

sparring partner, writer, mentor

In 2009 I decided to work as a freelancer, with the intention to be more free to follow my curiosity, develop my creative skills and travel

This with interest in a more self-sustainable lifestyle, minimalism and (online) business.

What stands out is my experience of realizing ideas and bringing new initiatives into the world

And by doing so experience the magic of manifestation,

“Hey once this was just an idea and now… I am driving in my camper van /  people are signing up for my training / I’m writing this blog

and also experiencing the difficulties along the way and learning how to overcome them

Two of the creative skills I’m developing are writing and photography.

In this website I share my reflections on my experiences – what am I seeing, what am I learning?

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Things I love

hats  – breakfast – running shoes – cooking and baking (#plantbased #glutenfree #sugarfree) – earrings – making things with others – fire (the sitting around it) – outdoor sports – comida para los ojos – notebook moments with a view – picking apples – ladypreneurs – refillable eco-design coffee cup – writing – slow knitting – godesses – boots