on effective laziness [& recourses 2014]

Last week on a rainy day I cycled to my bookkeeper to hand in this years administration. And when I parked my bike in front of his office I bumped into him. We talked about how we once met, when I started my business in 2009 – at that time he was sitting alone in his improvised office in an old empty school building, and how amazing it was to see him now standing here in front of his mansion office at the Amsterdam canals, with a team of employees. Still with this same ease and glow on his face.

He and his employees seem to do the work so happily, always having time for a chat or to answer my questions. And I asked him –

How did you grow your business? What’s your secret? He said

“ah, I think it’s because I’m so lazy. I don’t like to do a lot of work. I keep my work hours short, focussing on the things I like to do and am happy to hand most of the work over to others.”

hmmm, sounds like something I’d like to experiment with.

Today I sat down to write this weeks blog-post and asked myself:

What would I do if I was lazy? 

And decided to create my post in a half an hour. Not because I don’t have more time, but because I want to write with a light and good feeling, no less. And half an hour feels like a proper amount of time.

This lead to the idea to share some of my most read and discussed resources of 2014 (now it’s still reflection season:-) Thought it was a nice idea to give you the opportunity to read the posts you missed and some of them might be more relevant to you now. Hope you enjoy.

Would you like to experiment with this “effective laziness”? Think of one task you like to get done today and…

  • ask yourself: what’s a good amount of time to spend on it? Then set a timer for yourself and do it within that time period.
  • or.. ask someone else to it for you
  • And then push the reply button to send me a short note on the experience.

Okay, half an hour passed, I’m off! Elselien

My best read, most discussed resources 2014

I kicked off the year with the launch of my new program; build a business that fits you like a glove – and wrote a few pages about how a year as a starting entrepreneur would look like, including stories and exercises to get things going by yourself. Read more. 

While working with my clients and doing my own ventures, I started to recognize some patterns – what’s working these days? –  I’d like to share 3 of those…

The process of buying a campervan taught me more about realizing ideas in a more natural way and I wrote a short booklet about it Read more.

Last june I started to organise entrepreneurial women days for the fun & beauty of it and because of my growing believe that it all gets more effective when working in togetherness. You can still join next week Friday Jan. 23rd. Read more.

This summer I got triggered by the effectiveness of defining a creative project, setting a challenge for yourself – to get things moving in a more playful way. Too much freedom can at times make you feel stuck (in procrastination or to do lists) – maybe true freedom comes by creating your own constraints? I decided to challenge myself with a 2 month trip through America – connecting with my peers there, exploring working on the go and investigating myths and new patterns on entrepreneurship. Read more. 

Coming up

What did I learn from my own creative project, challenge? Does setting constraints, creating a project for yourself really work? And what are the myths on entrepreneurship that hold many of us back? What works better these days? Will share more in the next posts.