What creative project could set things in motion for you?

This is my favorite post from the Shift Forward photography project. I love the way that it creates a moment of stillness for me, to connect with what’s meaningful to me now.

The Shift Forward Photography Project is the latest labor of love from Lianne van Liere, who is coming onboard for the next Women’s Entrepreneurial Retreat that I’m hosting.

Few weeks ago Lianne and I spent 7(!) hours at the beach having a natural flowing conversation. While preparing for the upcoming retreat, we also came up with a new creative project for each of us – one that would stretch us to learn and create what’s alive for us right now.

Not by setting goals and pushing ourselves, but by giving ourselves a creative challenge that playfully sets things in motion.

Lianne felt like taking more time to create, just for the fun and beauty of it.

Not something that would take her a whole lot of time. No, something in alignment with what she felt drawn to already.

As we talked about her unique talents, interests, what was cooking for her right now, the puzzle pieces all fell into place and she decided to challenge herself with a new photography project: to take pictures and share what ‘clicked’ for her when seeing them.

Now two weeks later, she’s enjoying the fun of exploring her world from another perspective and creating more than ever.

I’m constantly inspired by these kinds of projects – the ones that help entrepreneurs and creatives get more in alignment with what’s really alive for them right now, instead of focusing entirely on strategy and the bottom line.

Just to name a few…

Tammy Strobel created a photography project that helped her grief over a loss of a loved one.

Jolie Guillebeau started sharing a new painting every day for 100 days – which ignited her professional life as an artist.

Leo Babauta simplified his life with one challenge every month.

Such a project helps you to do those things needed to foster your creativity, like…

  • creating time every day for something that’s meaningful for you (just sit with it every day, sometimes 15 minutes can do it)
  • consciously changing something in your daily routine
  • being committed to the desired change (by letting other people know about it)

How could this work for you?

What’s alive for you right now? What would you like to learn or change?

What creative project could set that in motion in a playful way?

Something that stretches you enough to get fired up, but also feels like something you just feel like starting.

This can be big or small, in your personal or business life. Like running daily, writing a professional blog or setting an intention to create new connections.

Let me know what comes up for you.

Have a great day,


P.S. Oh hey, this happens to be exactly the main quest of the women retreat this September — if you would like to discover what the perfect project or challenge is for you right now, and how it might impact you and the people in your community, please join us!

P.P.S . Yes, I created a challenge for myself that day on the beach, too — more on that soon…