My creative project: entrepreneurship of the soul – get real!

For the past several weeks, I’ve been talking about creative projects (you could also call these projects quests or challenges) — ways to playfully set something in motion that’s meaningful to you right now.

Maybe these posts have inspired you think about creating one for yourself, too.

Today I’m thrilled to share my upcoming quest with you — I hope that it will fire you up to define your own and hold my feet to the fire for the next three months.

It’s something that makes me get out into the world more, step out of my comfortable bubble and literally use my own feet to develop my vision. Get away from my books and computer, to feel, see, hear, smell and taste for myself what’s really happening in the field of entrepreneurship and creating work these days.

So I came up with a project for myself. Something that feels like an adventure, creates stronger connections with other people, and inspires me to do what I love to do the most.

My creative project is about preparing work & travel trips, with the intention to spend time with those entrepreneurs who are, or about to – work in alignment with their souls mission, doing the things they naturally feel drawn to. Choose to rise in these uncertain and complex times. The lilies in the mud so to say.

To collect stories that challenge the traditional image of entrepreneurship and offer new patterns and understandings about creating work, that are in alignment with what I believe people truly desire.

All to experience and learn for myself: Is it possible to live and work in alignment with your soul’s mission? Live with ease, and follow your intuition and desires, trusting the right things will happen?

And what does it take?

Let’s get real about it.

In the past couples of weeks, as I’ve prepared for a trip in the West-coast of America, I’ve enjoyed the people and opportunities that have been showing up — I’m just starting down the path, and already things have really begun moving for me.

The blueprint of my trip is slowly emerging, starting in San Diego at beginning of October with a 3-day event for holistic entrepreneurs (including a Dress-to-Impress catwalk evening!), continuing on by train to Seattle to co-host a weekend-retreat in November (on writing personal manifestos). I’m in conversation about other possibilities further North in Vancouver, as well.

I’ll be writing and sharing stories and my new insights with you the whole time, on the go.

I’d love for you to be a part of this adventure with me. Drop me a note and…

  • connect me with those brave, creative people who (are about to) make that shift, and creating joyful and responsible business. You know, those people who are just fun to hang out with, who like to be open & honest. I’d love to meet them and capture their story.
  • let me know about inspiring places you think I should definitely visit.
  • recommend a Dress-to-Impress outfit so I can steal the show in San Diego
  • rent my camper or apartment in October/ November- – I love to share my stuff when I’m not using it.

Also, make sure you stay up-to-date with how the journey is going by beign one of the first to like my facebook page!

p.s. if you’re intrigued by those creative projects too = I love this episode of Marie Forleo and Chris Guillebeau on The Happiness of a Pursuit, about the joy of having a quest or challenge for yourself.

p.s.s. if you like to define or sharpen your own creative project, then sign up  for the entrepreneurial women retreat before sept 11th.


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