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Create Your New Normal Together

As entrepreneur or freelancer you might believe that you decide what you do and how you spend your days. And at a certain level this might be the case. But you’re also highly influenced by the people, the group… the system around you. And you tend to do what’s normal in this system, knowingly or unknowingly. Even if you’re that very independent headstrong entrepreneur. Your family, friends, co-workers and the groups you identify with influence your decisions every day.

There is nothing wrong with that, as they all helped you to be where you are now. But maybe there’s something you like to undertake, change or learn. And maybe you find yourself postponing it or making it a big thing. In that case (re)connecting with some of your current peers or adding some new people to your system can make the difference. As long as they are people who want to learn the same thing or who are already where you want to be.

Let me explain this by sharing one of my own experiences.

When I took the leap to work independently about 5 years ago, I imagined myself taking the time to learn how to write, taking time to reflect, analyse and be creative. Yeah! I already clearly visualised how great that would be: sitting somewhere outside in the sun with a nice view, a cup of coffee, a notebook, just enjoying my creative writings. The reality was that after about 2 years of working independently I realized I didn’t do this at all.

Ok, maybe only secretly

Yes, secretly. That’s how it felt for me. And this is where the system and it’s beliefs come in. Carved somewhere deep down inside of me, there was a strong belief that “you don’t just do creative work for the fun of it” and especially not on weekdays between 9 am to 6pm. No. You have to do something useful, like… working hard to make your business work. So, if I did spend some time on contemplating and writing, it felt as if I was skipping classes in high school. Hope nobody finds out! I even compensated it often with working some extra hours in the evening. Yes, I agree, this is totally nuts!

At that time it was totally unconscious behavior. I just told myself all kinds of reasons why I didn’t do it: I had no time for writing, it was not useful, I couldn’t do it or it was something for later, when I was older, more successful and so on.

Fact is that at that time nobody around me seriously took the time to do creative work. So no wonder I didn’t take it serious either.

But the idea of wanting to write kept knocking on the door, louder and louder. At a certain point I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I googled “writing coach”, booked some sessions with writing coach Rinske Verberg, connected with some people with a creative occupation and followed creative bloggers like Slowly creative writing became the new normal for me.

Due to these connections, my belief shifted from “writing equals skipping school” to “creative writing is essential for my business”. And guess what…it is. I use my creative writing skills for many purposes now, like creating course materials for my programs, copywriting for my clients websites, writing profile texts, blogging and many more. Yes, developing my creative writing skills is now one of my top priorities and one of the things I start my day with.

So what about you? What’s knocking on your door? This can be anything from running a marathon, eating healthier to starting a new venture. Take a moment now to answer the following questions:

What do you want to undertake, learn or change?

Who wants the same or is already where you want to be?

How can you connect with those people?

Find the right peers for the direction in which you’d like to develop and make it happen. Never worry alone.

P.S. Are you about to start your own business or make a new start? And does it feel like something is in the way…you keep on postponing things or feel overwhelmed by all possibilities and to do’s? Then let’s work together and create your desired new normal, book a free Strategy Session with me to get clear what you want and what you need now to achieve that. Every month I’ve some openings on Tuesday or Thursday late afternoon. Just send me an email or give me a call right away +31 (0)614355996 Looking forward!