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How to Collaborate in a Way that Speeds You Up?

So, ok, imagine, there you are, working independently, passionately and on something you truly care for. One thing that you’ll notice is that you keep meeting people with whom you share that passion. People you just click with. This often gives you a big energy boost. Everything seems possible. You go home with a head full of ideas and opportunities and your agenda is full of meetups and projects.

Great, right?

Of course that’s great, but it won’t take long until you start longing for some peace and stillness in your head and agenda.
Then it’s time for some clarity. Who will you really start collaborating with and how? This is exactly what we’re going to talk about now.
So let’s see how you can create collaborations that make you speed up instead of weighing you down. After reading this blog you will notice that it’s actually quite easy to achieve this. It is just a matter of asking the right questions and really listening to the answers.

First it’s important to understand the 3 elements to take into account before collaborating: values, purposes and talents.

  • At first you need to consider your values. These are the things that are important for you personally in every situation. You might have many different values you work with like working trust-based, being flexible or putting fun before everything else. If you won’t find a connection on this level then the collaboration will be too much of a hassle for sure.
  • The second element is purpose, something that you care for, something worth working for 24/7. Is it about making financial products understandable for the main public? Is it helping designers to create prototypes, the easy way? You’ll have to be clear on a purpose that guides you through the hilly landscape of creation.
  • Then thirdly you have to focus on talents. What’s your unique skill set? What’s that skill or asset that you might not have, and that’s very crucial to deliver good work? A very simple example; you might be both marketing creatives, but one has outstanding writing skills and the other has rocking visualisation skills. Sounds like a good couple to create powerful advertising, right?

So if it is that simple, why does it often go wrong?

The moment you start walking your talk, you’ll definitely meet people who are totally heading towards the same goal and do similar things. When you meet them, you feel totally understood. This is re-affirming and it fires you up. These are relations to cherish. So, what’s the problem? Being too much of the same or not aware of the other’s complementary aspects, you can be in each others’ way.

Let’s for now focus on 2 clear types of fruitful collaboration.

  • The “let’s make it happen” collaboration; Same values, same purpose, complementary talents. If you have a lot in common, great. Then go mining for the complementary talents. Secondly you need to research what is needed to fulfil your shared purpose. If your talents and needs fit, then there is a strong basis for collaboration.Go ahead and get to business. Design a process together and commit to doing the work.
  • The “let’s share ” collaboration; same values, other purpose, other talents. This can be for example friends or people you just click with, but who are working on a totally other businesses. At first just good company. Since you’re working on another business, the collaboration lies in sharing things, like a workspace. Doing this you’ll experience that the gold lies in the objectivity. Nothing will hold them back for giving honest advice or unexpected ideas. Which might make the difference for you.