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Create Your New Normal Together

As entrepreneur or freelancer you might believe that you decide what you do and how you spend your days. And at a certain level this might be the case. But you’re also highly influenced by the people, the group… the system around you. And you tend to do what’s normal in this system, knowingly or […]

Are You Painting Burglars on Your Window?

Probably you have been defining some goals for the New Year. And you might have some mixed feeling about them. On the one hand they can excite you, give you some direction, something to hold on to in this life full of possibilities. On the other hand you know that they can spoil the whole […]

[Download Booklet on] Build A Business That Fits You Like A Glove

Are you about to (re)launch your business or considering to take the leap? Then read my PDF booklet on what it takes to build a business sustainably. A business that frees you up financially, that you love running, and that feels like the right thing for you to be doing with your time. The booklet […]