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a refreshing summer dive

What if starting up a project ( a website, a blog, a training) could feel light, empowering and creative? Would the results be likewise? Although I’m inspired by the “just do it” mentality and in the past got a lot of work done by setting a deadline, pushing away my fears and jump – I now […]

Spontaneous photoshoot

some photo’s made by the Danish photographer Justine Høgh, who stayed with me and my flatmate last week via Airbnb – http://justine-hoegh.dk/ <3 <3 <3 One day after breakfast we decided spontaneously to take some pictures in our neighborhood, lucky us! Some are for the website of my flatmate Dalia Jurado Vargas, designer of jewellery […]

The for fun & beauty Strategy

A few weeks ago I was guiding creative writing exercises during an entrepreneurial women retreat, and sat there enjoying a quiet moment. The only thing I heard was the quick scratching of pens on paper, the slight crackling of the fire and the wind against the windows. A day like this is just pure joy […]