a tool to prepare for a magical entrepreneurial 2015

Hi there,

now that you’re about to move into the holidays…I wanted to give you a tool to make sure you’re preparing yourself for an amazing entrepreneurial 2015.

I see many entrepreneurs (including myself!)

or… creating some exciting new goals for themselves, working hard the whole year to make them happen (which can feel heavy and like you have to sell yourself, or convince people)

or… distracting themselves with busy-ness and over-eating, plunging into the new year, we’ll see! let’s just go with the flow! Which can make you feel lost or unfulfilled at some point ( am I doing the right thing?)

So what now? Wanna try something else?

What I’m doing these days is using my secret magic tool – the workbook of Susannah Conway

I used it last year – and yesterday I found it back somewhere underneath a bunch of paper in a drawer, and found out that I wrote things like..

[ …America? ]… in the November box


[ …connect more with allies internationally ]

And this is exactly what has been happening for me in the last year. I wrote it on the workbook, put it away, totally forgot about it…but still… it somehow defined my focus.

Quite scary how powerful it is to set an intention.

So this darkest weekend of the year, I’ll do this work with even more enthusiasm, with tea, candles, music…

Are you joining?

Wishing you warm & cosy days – planting fruitful seeds for 2015  ~ Elselien

p.s. it’s even more powerful to set a clear intention for the year in a group setting = > today the subscription opened for the entrepreneurial women day, Friday the 23rd of January in Amsterdam – with the focus on creating your manifesto for 2015 – putting your vision & values for this year in words and visuals – so you have something tangible in your hands as a focus and anchor point in your entrepreneurial year – just to keep as a guideline for yourself – or to openly share so others can connect with you as clients, colleagues or supporters (yah, you go girl!) ~ making clear that your business is more than the products you sell at this moment. This proces starts the moment you sign up – receiving every week a 15 min. creative exercise, to make sure you’ll give this attention the easy way  See the invitation here. 


these cosy dark winter days are perfect for reflecting on 2014 and unravelling 2015 – I’m using my favorite magic workbook for that this weekend, you can download it here too: Unraveling 2015 – let’s do some magic in 2015