Knitting a blanket | What I achieved in Barcelona

What I “achieved” in Barcelona

well… nothing really

Last year I lived about 7 months in Barcelona

And for some reason …I just didn’t make things happen


These months were spend well

There were


food for the soul, ears and eyes ( music, food, art)

long walks at the beach

Probably exactly what I needed

But still..

this ‘not getting anything done” was pretty frustrating.

My nature is to come up with ideas, see possibilities and make things work.

Maybe even most of my identity (me feeling me) and self-worth comes from these experiences of realizing projects and getting things done.

So the painful thing was

That I tried

So hard

To realize one of my ideas

But nothing wanted to flow, get done or work out

Except for… a blanket

In these months I knitted 1 blanket

4 by 1 meter

5 colours

with fringes on the side

I started it

Did the work

And finished it

And got to experience the satisfaction that comes with realizing something.

This was an interesting experience because  – knitting was not one of my skills, and even the ‘making something with my hands’ is new for me.

So it makes me wonder

Why then did this, of all things I tried, work out?

Maybe you are stuck in a creative project too, or like to do your work with more ease.

I reflected on this experience and came to 5 learnings about realizing a creative project.

learnings that can be applied to other projects too,

and get the river of creating flowing again.

5 ways to make a creative process flow with more ease

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